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Variations Mile End Dance is a community-minded school located in Montreal's Mile End. It's a dance school that prioritizes creativity while teaching discipline and technique. Variations ME Dance is about body-positivity, individuality and openness and serves as an alternative to competitive programs.


The teachers at Variations are highly skilled and experienced in various forms of art as well as dance. They nurture and maintain an environment where creativity, passion and discovery are constant. It is our mandate to work with our students to encourage the same love and respect and appreciation for dance and creative expression that we have. We welcome all who wish to share in this love.


  Dance is a powerful practice that can heal and inspire. Dance is life.





J'ai beaucoup aimé prendre des cours de ballet avec Variations Danse! Je ne me sentais pas dans une catégorie mais plutôt comme une vraie danseuse de ballet ! Depuis, ce qui a commencé pour moi comme un passe temps est rapidement devenu un intérêt! Katherine est tout simplement superbe et son approche pour moi est la meilleure!!! 

Merci Variations Danse!!!

- Linda Larose (teen/adult class)



As a parent I am extremely impressed with Variations Dance , my 3 year old loves going to this class, Katherine manages to thoughtfully give each child a little special attention while maintaining a playful group energy.  She amazingly manages to teach the kids some of the basic ballet/  dance concepts in a way that fully engages and celebrates the free and spirited energies of toddlers. 

- Tania Cooper (First Dance class)


Both our girls have danced with Katherine Dube at an early stage of their childhood. Now in their teens, they still look forward to each next dance class at Variations. Both accessible and inclusive to all, the classes are topped with a genuine and warm sense of community encouraging to explore the pleasures of dancing with no pressure yet a strong sense of structural alertness. Variations’ teachers give our daughters the opportunity to approach, explore and deepen the language of Dance in a broad spectrum of styles.

- Marc and Kyra (teen/adult class)


 I have to say that I really love Variations Mile-end.  My 4 year old daughter started pre-ballet this session and loves her teacher Kaitlin and the new friends she made in her class.  My daughter is very shy so I was happy to see that the teacher is extremely kind and amazingly patient with the kids.  I can hear them having a blast while I wait in the hallway.  I really recommend this dance studio. 

- Annik Bernatchez (pre-ballet class)



Variations has the kind of atmosphere that makes your child thrive! It's full of warmth, grace, support and fun! An absolutely terrific place. My daughter learnt so much in such a short period of time. We love Variations Dance!

- Anana Rydvald (jazz/lyrical age 6 class)



My kids had a great experience at Variations Mile End Dance School. I have a six year old son and a seven year old daughter and we signed them up for the 2016 summer dance camp. They really loved dancing there. Catherine, the ebullient dance teacher and choreographer, knows how to inspire the children and keep them having fun! We will be signing them up for next summer's dance camp, again! I can't say enough good things about Variations Mile End Dance School. I highly recommend this dance school.

- Greg (dance camp for ages 6-7)


Katherine's variations dance is not just a dance class. I have never seen anyone work with so much passion and dedication! My 6 year old daughter was beaming with joy at the end of a class. Katherine is a real gift to these children and I'd recommend her warmly to anyone!

With gratitude,

- Imola Zsitva (pre-ballet age 5)


Ma fille et moi avons toutes deux pris des cours à Variations Danse. Kathy est une prof remarquable : avec douceur, gentillesse et rigueur, elle nous amène à nous dépasser... sans qu’on s’en aperçoive! Le plaisir est au centre de son enseignement. Kathy est une professeure qui a non seulement une solide expérience de danseuse, mais aussi une formation de pédagogue : c’est avec beaucoup de sensibilité et de flexibilité qu’elle enseigne aux enfants. Il ne faut pas passer sous silence qu'à Variations Danse tout est fait avec goût : musique, chorégraphies, décors et costumes lors des spectacles. Les choix musicaux et l’atmosphère chaleureuse du studio font de chaque cours un moment agréable.

- Stéphanie. (teen/adult class and age 8-10)


 I started dancing with Katherine 2 years ago and i have fully enjoyed my ballet & jazz classes since then! The studio is really pleasant and warm and so is Katherine!

She is an amazing teacher, she helps you do your best while respecting your body strength and limits. As a queer fat women I feel safe and good taking her classes! 

- Yousra Nadège (teen/adult class)


From our first delightful phone conversation to my first ballet class in Katherine's fantastically creative professional dance space, I cannot express how excited I am to continue taking her truly inspired classes.
Thank you Katherine for your sincere encouragement and may you continue to inspire your students, young and not so young!  May you go from strength to strength!  
Thank you!

- Chasha (teen/adult class)


Variations is a wonderful place to learn to dance. It's the perfect mix of introducing those first steps, exploring movement and just having fun. We have done both classical ballet and Hip Hop. Both classes were a blast.

- Allison Hanes (pre-ballet and hip hop class age 5-6)


My daughter of 4 yrs has been attending the Saturday morning Ballet class at Variations since September. She absolutely loves it! Katherine is a fantastic teacher and offers a class filled with fun. Children learn the classic steps in an innovative and collaborative way with use of varied music and props. My daughter was a little shy to start but was made at ease instantly by Katherine's warm nature. The studio is bright and offers plenty of space to run around too!

- Sophie Crichton (pre-ballet/creative age 4)


Katherine is a gifted dance teacher. She engages children with her creative and imaginative sensibility, teaches them discipline and perseverance, and nurtures a love of dance. She is passionate, dedicated and inspired. My daughter loves and admires her.

I signed up for an adult ballet class on a whim. While initially I felt "out of my element," I quickly realized that Katherine had created the perfect place for amateur dancers (with varying degrees of previous dance training) to learn technique, build strength, and indulge in a love of dance. She encourages students to work at their own level, but also pushes us to embrace the mental challenges and physical demands that dancing requires. I always feel personal reward and satisfaction for having delved into the bodily awareness and concentration that dancing takes (especially choreography). Improvements to overall physical condition are a bonus.

- Anita Slominska (teen/adult and age 6)


I feel happy at Kathy's dance class because I'm with friends. 

- Nico Rose (pre-ballet and jazz/lyrical age 6)


The music is always great and the space is really comfortable. There's a family atmosphere because Kathy makes everyone feel right at home. I especially liked to see the kids waiting in the hallway in anticipation of the next class about to start.

- Eric Theriault (pre-ballet and jazz/ lyrical class)


Having taken some ballet and jazz classes in my twenties, I returned to dance after more than a decade hiatus and was thrilled to find Variations.  As a teacher Katherine is very welcoming and is able to tailor her classes to meet the needs of several dancers at different levels while giving everyone a great workout.  The classes are small and friendly, with a perfect balance of technique and fun.  The exercises are accessible to beginners but can still be challenging for more experienced dancers.  Katherine's choreographies are beautiful and she excels at breaking down the movements so that everyone can learn and participate.  Her classes are the highlight of my week!

- Christine Meyers (teen/adult class)