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école de danse

The overarching goal of the Variations dance curriculum is to support, nurture, and inspire the growth of every student as a dancer and as an artful learner.



18 mars- 9 juin (11 semaines)-

Vacance 19-25 avril



17h15-18h15: Ados Jazz moderne 1 (studio B)

17h15-18h15 Ados Jazz moderne 2 (studio A)

18h15-19h15: Ados répertoire (studio A)



16h15-17h15:  age 9-12 contemporaine 2 (Studio A)

17h15- 18h15: Ados contemporaine 2 (studio A)

17h15-18h15 Ados contemporaine 1 (studio B)

18h15-19h15 Ados Ballet 2 (studio A)

18h15-19h15 Ados Ballet 1 (studio B)


16h15-17h15:   age 5-6 pre-ballet 1 (studio A)

16h15-17h15 age 7+ Ballet 2 (studio B)


16h15-17h15 age 7+ jazz moderne 1 (studio B)



9h30-10h30    age 2 first dance 1 (studio A)

age 4 creative (studio B)

10h45-11h45   age 2+3 first dance 2 (studio A)

age 5-6 Jazz-pop (studio B)

12h00-13h00   age 4 creative (studio A)

age 5-6 pre-ballet 1 (studio B)

13h15-14h15    age 7+ contemporain 1 (studio A)

14h15-15h15 age 7+ Jazz moderne 2 (studio A)



9h30-10h30  age 2+3 first dance 2 (studio A)

10h45-11h45 age 4 creative (studio A)

age 5-6 hip hop (studio B)

12h00-13h00   age 7+ ballet 1 (studio A)

age 7+ hip hop (studio B)


16h00-17h00 age pre-ados, ados, adultes claquette 2

17h00-18h00 age pre-ados, ados, adultes claquette 1



17h15-18h15 Ballet (Studio A+B)

18h15-19h15 rehearsal (studio A+B)


17h15-18h15 Contemporain A

Jazz Moderne B

18h15-19h15 Jazz Moderne A

Contemporain B

samedi + mercredi

Intro to Performance Program: Classes - Inquire now!




If you need guidance for in class placement please Contact Katherine dire



Children Class Descriptions:


Variations ME Dance students have the choice of selecting between two streams of classes: recreational or performance oriented;  to accommodate various levels of proficiency, backgrounds, preferences, and interests . Each stream is based on a progressive and carefully graded curriculum.

Students 2.5 years and older are eligible to enter the standard stream of classes. Students eight years and older may continue in the standard stream or opt to audition for the performance stream.

Placement of the student in an appropriate program and level is essential to enjoyment and progress.




First Dance (age 2-3)

This class explores movement through a wide variety of music, all the while using props, stories and songs to inspire. 



Pre-Ballet/Creative (ages 4-5-6)

This class touches on simple ballet postures and positions. As well it inspires a theatrical approach using props, and exploring movement through stories and songs. A wide variety of music used from folk, classical, jazz and pop. 



Ballet (Levels 1+ 2) (ages 7+)

Throughout these levels, a formal classical dance teaching method is utilized, based on the internationally recognized Vaganova and Cecchetti techniques. These programs lead to the incremental development of fine motor skill, technical competence, and artistic expression. Body alignment, grace, and presentation are central goals. 


Jazz-Pop (ages 5-7)

The kids have a blast learning the basics of jazz dance to the sounds of old and new pop music hits! The class emphasizes the development of flexibility and strength, and the mastery of turns, jumps, kicks, and isolations at times with the aid of fun props. 


Jazz-modern (ages 7+)

Luigi and Horton techniques form the basis of the modern- jazz program, which emphasize the development of flexibility and strength, and the mastery of turns, jumps, kicks, and isolations. The use of contemporary music and increasingly complex movement combinations ensure that our modern-jazz dance program is enjoyable and challenging. (Levels 1+2)



 A very high energy step class that lets your feet play the music. In this class, basic rhythms to tricky steps and choreography are worked upon.
For those with little or no dance background, you'll learn all the basics at this level.


Contemporaine (ages 7+)

Based in release technique, a technique that uses gravity and momentum to move and dance. The class will explore some of the fundamentals of floor work, including different types of rolls, how to use the surface of the floor, and different pathways we can find in the body when lying down! The second half of the class will progress to standing work, where we will use the momentum and sequential movement found on the floor to help us through plies, swings, and jumps. All levels are welcome, because above all this class is about finding the movement that we already have in our bodies!



End of year recital (all classes)      June 10, 2018

NOTE: If any dancer wishes to not participate in the end of year recital please let us know. Choreography will be worked on each class. It is important to be at each class.

*note to parents of young dancers

Need to be well fed and ready before class begins. Always have your child use the bathroom before class starts.

There will be one toilet break within the hour class

With young children it may take time for them to habituate to any new situation. After the first class the parent and teacher usually have a good sense whether or not the child is interested in continuing. Further discussion, by appointment, is always welcome.

Parents are encouraged to take the hour to themselves. They are welcome to leave the premises or sit in the waiting area of the studio as long as this does not disrupt the ongoing class.

Dress Code

Pre-Ballet/Creative- barefoot or soft slippers, comfortable clothes

Ballet: bare feet or ballet slippers, solid colour leotard and solid colour tights (open foot), long hair put in bun- no t-shirts, ballet skirts allowed.

Jazz: bare feet or jazz shoes, leotard and tights (open foot), long hair put up.

Contemporary: barefoot, comfortable clothes, long sleeves

Improv: barefoot, comfortable clothes, long sleeves

Tap: tap shoes, comfortable clothes

Dance Conditioning: barefoot, comfortable clothes


Please no jewellery.





























































Performance Program (ages 7 and older)

The Performance Program is for students 7 and older who are keen to learn various styles of choreography, who are eager to dedicate more time to practice and who love to perform. The program expects a mandatory of at least three classes per week with an opportunity of participating in up to seven classes each week. Performance program students love to perform and will have the opportunity to take what they've learned to the stage at least two performances per year : Spring showcase and end of year recital.  (Also in the works will be mini performances around town).  Please contact Katherine directly for more details.

Performance Program (7 ans et plus)

Le Programme de performance est pour les élèves de 7 ans et plus qui sont désireux d'apprendre différents styles de chorégraphie, qui sont désireux de consacrer plus de temps à pratiquer et qui aiment à effectuer. Le programme prévoit une obligatoire d'au moins trois cours par semaine avec une possibilité de participer à jusqu'à sept classes chaque semaine. Les étudiants du programme de performance aimer à réaliser et auront l'occasion de prendre ce qu'ils ont appris à l'étape au moins deux représentations par an: spectacle de printemps et de fin de l'année récital. (Aussi dans les œuvres seront des mini spectacles autour de la ville). Les auditions auront lieu, S'il vous plaît communiquer avec Katherine directement pour plus de détails.


Dance Opportunity - Demonstrator Program:

For students ages 7+, this is an opportunity to learn the inner workings of a dance class, practice those leadership skills, gain valuable social skills, boost confidence and self esteem through weekly attendance to one of the creative movement, hiphop and/or pre-ballet classes. You will act as an assistant engaging little dancers ages 2-5. Simply sign up and show up for the hour and I will guide you through the steps!  (Solely for Variations Dance students and referred by teacher)

Possibilité de danse - Programme de démonstrateur:

Pour les danseurs âgés de 8+, ce sera l'occasion d'apprendre les rouages d'une classe de danse, pratiquer ces compétences en leadership, acquérir de précieuses aptitudes sociales, stimuler la confiance et l'estime de soi par la participation hebdomadaire à l'un des classes mouvements créatifs, hiphop et / ou pré-ballet. Vous agirez en tant qu'assistant engager petits danseurs 2-5 ans. Il suffit de vous inscrire et apparaissent pour l'heure et je vais vous guider à travers les étapes! (Uniquement pour les étudiants de Variations Danseet renvoyé par l'enseignant)